Wellbeach Resort Restaurant

At Wellbeach resort you can be assured of fine cuisine at Filipino prices, the restaurant boasts to have one of the best Pizza in the Town, offering true Filipino Cuisine, Asian and Thai meals, along with some European and foreigner favourites for you to feel at home while enjoying the natural Beautiful Flora and Forna surroundings.

The resort also has a great healthy drink selection on offer with fruit smoothies, sodas to chilled wines, they cater for every pallet and taste bud imaginable.

Wellbeach Restaurant offers Filipino cuisine, along with a large selection of English, German and European foods, you can get food and snacks delivered to your room, or site in our Garden Restaurant, right next to the beach is our Marble Tables, with overlooking views of the Ocean and Apo Island, with a nice cool breeze

You may eat in the restaurant area, or in the garden overlooking the ocean, with Apo Island in the background, a great scenic view for nature lovers, and those who enjoy the outdoors, the bar area is also accommodating with bar stools to sit around the bar, and the seating area also overlooks the pool and garden areas around the resort.