Tourists Spots in Negros Oriental

The province of Negros Oriental is situated in the Central Visayas of the Philippines. Wellbeach Dive Resort is located about 25 kilometers from Dumaguete City (which is the capital of the province). Negros Oriental is composed of 19 municipalities and 6 cities.

Most of our guests arrive via the Dumaguete Airport which flies from Cebu International Airport and Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. We can also be reached via boats and ferries with the seaport in Dumaguete City.

Aside form Scuba Diving in Apo Island and Scuba Diving in Dumaguete, there are other great touristy things to do in Negros Oriental. There are waterfalls to explore, trails to hike, views to enjoy, and souvenir shopping to make. Here are some nearby Tourist Attractions in Negros Oriental to visit:

Wednesday Malatapay Market

The Malatapay market is just a 5-minute ride from Wellbeach Resort. Witness the harmony of local farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen selling their goods during their weekly bonanza every Wednesday. You can shop for souvenirs, fruits, veggies, and even live animals! #SupportLocals

Turtle Island - Siaton - Negros Oriental

Turtle Island of Siaton

While the surrounding areas of Turtle Island is great for scuba diving, it is also a nice place for a relaxing day trip. This tourist attraction is surrounded by mango trees and mangroves. The Turtle Island got its name due to the number of turtles in one part of the area.

Lake Balanan-Siaton-Negros-Oriental

Lake Balanan in Siaton

The Lake Balanan is located in the town of Siaton. It is a nice & peaceful attraction located in the middle of the forested mountains. The freshwater lake has a shape that resembles a figure “8”. The narrowest point between the two main portions of the lake being only 90m wide.

Dolphin Watching in Bais

Dolphin Watching in Bais City is a must when visiting Negros Oriental. One can get a closer look at these fascinating creatures jumping in the ocean. The dolphins like to play and show off in the morning. So, go there as early possible. After the dolphin watching, stop by at the White Sandbar of Manjuyod. Swimming, sunbathing, and smiling!

City Tour in Dumaguete

Dumaguete City may be the capital of Negros Oriental, however, there are still some hidden gems and historical landmarks. There is the Rizal Boulevard (named after the Philippines National Hero), Dumaguete Cathedral & Bell Tower & Silliman Hall. Try the Philippine’s delicacy called balut (fertilized duck egg)…if you are brave enough.

Whale Shark Watching

If seeing a whale shark is in your bucket list, then you’re in luck! Although this attraction is on the other island of Cebu, we can still arrange this trip for you. Get a change to see and maybe even swim with the gentle giants called whale sharks. Enjoy the tranquility of nature by seeing how these whale sharks than can grow between 30-35 feet in length.

Casaroro Falls in Valencia

Valencia is located about 25 kilometers from the resort. There are 2 waterfalls you can enjoy in Valencia, one of them is the Casaroro Falls. The falls is characterized as a narrow waterfall with 30 meters in height. In order to get to the falls, one must first walk down more than 350 steps. Then a terrain hike down some huge boulders and a river. The refreshing waters of the falls makes it all so worth it!

Baslay Hot Springs & Coffee

Less than 15 kilometers from our resort and you will find yourself at the Baslay Hot Springs in Dauin. Near the relaxing hot springs is the Baslay Highland Brew Coffee that offers native coffee and local bite-to-eat with a great view. Savor the freshness of clean air and nature’s best at Baslay, Dauin. Parts of the road are a bit rough, so be careful when going up to the attraction.

Pulangbato Falls in Valencia

Pulangbato is the “sister” waterfall of Casaroro in Valencia. The term pula means “red”, while bato means “rock”. The waterfall is characterized with its beautiful red rocks surrounding the entire waterfall. Among the two of the waterfalls in Valencia, the Pulangbato is easier to access. The municipality has developed the area. Hence, cottages and different swimming areas are available.

What to Bring in Negros Oriental?

When going around the tourist attractions in the province, make sure to stay hydrated. The hottest months in the Philippines are between March to July. Make sure to bring some sunscreen or sunblock to avoid sunburns. Bringing a hat or cap will also come in handy. During the cooler months of November to February, it is best to bring an insect repellant. If you forgot to bring any, check out our resort gift shop.

When visiting Negros Oriental, try visiting further tourists’ spots such as the Bais Dolphin Watching, Manjuyod Sandbar, Caves in Mabinay, and the Twin Lakes of Sibulan (Lake Balinsasayao & Lake Danao). Safe travels!