We want you to explore the best dive sites there is in the area! Enjoy the world-famous diving destination, Apo Island! Home to more than 400 species of corals and 650 documented species of fish. From fascinating soft coral gardens to sea snakes, turtles, schools of jacks and barracudas, Apo island has it all! Depth ranges from 5m down to 30m. However, you don’t need to look far to enjoy a great dive site. Just in front of the resort, is the house reef. It is home to many critters such as harlequin shrimps, smooth box crab, turtles and more! Each of the dive sites in the surrounding area has something for everyone.

Apo Island Dive Sites

Apo Island - Chapel Dive Site

Chapel Point

The dive site is right in front of the main docking area of the island which is close to the only chapel on Apo Island. Hence, the name of the dive site. The site has a small wall that starts at 5m going down to 25m. One can find some nudibranchs, as well as frogfish and ribbon eels. A beautiful coral garden can be found at the 5m plateau on top of the wall.

Scuba Diving - Porcelain Crab

Rock Point West

Rock Point West is located on the southern tip of the island. Similar to other sites, the slope starts to go down at 7m all the way to 30m. The interesting part is between 5m to 18m where you can see beautiful coral formations, along with sea snakes, turtles, and fire clam shells. Current can occur sometimes, but you can easily go with the current.

Coconut Point

Coconut Point is usually a drift dive going heading westwards. The coral slope is filled with colorful feather stars, hard and soft corals. A lot of fish such as parrotfish, red tooth triggerfish, and snappers can be seen at the beginning of the dive. A school of jacks are quite often near a sandy slope in the middle of the dive, depending on the strength of the current.

Scuba Diving - Apo Island - Nudi


In the shallows, you will see the best soft coral gardens of the island between 5 and 10 meters. For that reason, it is the best snorkeling site of the island. After seeing the turtle area in front of the village you can see here the colorful soft corals. Bottom composition throughout the dive is more or less the same with nice hard corals between 10 and 18 meters deep.

Apo Island - Turtle Over Corals


Named after the iconic Boluarte Rock of Apo Island, the dive site is composed of a slope with soft and hard corals where you can dive in either direction. There are also gas bubbles emerging from the sand nearby at 10 meters. Some of the critters to look out for are turtles, sea snakes, trevallies, and groupers. Watch out for passing bump head parrot fish.


Largahan is located at the northwest side of the Island. It is also the exit point for divers coming from Coconut Point. The cliff offers an easy dive with soft & hard corals such as tube anemones, black corals and others. There is also a sandy area near the end of the dive where you can see gas bubbles emerging. Lookout for turtles, and sea snakes.

Dive Sites in Zamboanguita

Aside from the world-famous Apo Island, scuba diving in Zamboanguita is also a great option! The coast of Negros Oriental is generally blessed with beautiful tropical sand and abundant marine life. In the town of Zamboanguita, where the resort is located, dives sites are great for muck diving. The closes one is of course the Wellbeach House Reef. The other sites can be reached in just a few minutes from the resort via our dive boat. Check out the different dive sites below.

Scuba Diving in Wellbeach Dive Resort

Wellbeach House Reef

The House Reef is located just in front of the resort. The reef was started a couple of years ago & has grown in both popularity and size. Many of our divers enjoy a night dive here and capture many micro & other critters at night on camera. Look out for ghost pipefish, hairy crab, moray eels, turtles, harlequin shrimp, and of course nudibranchs!


Thalatta dive site is a great place to explore with artificial reefs, little car wreck, and shallow sea grass. It is perfect for muck diving. One can spot moray eels, lionfish, shrimps, sheep nudi (leaf nudibranch), colorful corals, anemones, puffer fish, and so much more! Advanced divers & Nitrox divers can enjoy this site with a maximum depth is 28 meters.

Basak North & South

This dive site is named after the barangay in which it is located, Basak. Both sites, North and South, are great for macro diving. Creatures such as black ribbon eel, blue ribbon eel, and loads of nudibranchs can be found here. At times, there is a slight current. This makes the dive even more relaxing and lazy. Just bring your dive balloons so our boat can pick you up.

Dive Sites in Dauin

The coast of Dauin has an extra touch of beauty when it comes to scuba diving. There is a wide selection of sites for all sorts of underwater lovers. There are man-made reefs, natural reefs, muck diving, macro diving, drift diving, and deep diving. Check out the 9 famous Dauin dive sites here.

Scuba Diving in Dauin

Dauin North

Only a 5-minute boat ride away is the Dauin Sanctuary. This huge coral reef is home to different kinds of anemone fish, feathered starfish, small barracudas, turtles, groupers, moray eels, & many other colorful fish. The shallow area is a beautiful hard coral garden which is also nice for snorkeling. Max Depth is 18 m.

Dauin Dive Sites

Dauin South

If you are looking for a great and easy fun dive, then Dauin South is for you! This dive site can be reached with in 5 minutes from the resort, just like the Dauin North. It is home to an abundance of aquatic life such as potato groupers, banded pipefish, turtles, nudibranchs, garden eels and anemonefish. Max depth is 20 meters.

Luca Sanctuary

The Luca Sanctuary is a great combination of sand and beautiful coral blocks that make this site very interesting. You can see several stingrays, snappers, eels, morays, groupers, different kind of frogfish, as well as colorful shrimps, and anemonefish. It is an excellent dive site to start your underwater adventure!


One of the oldest sanctuaries in the area is called Masaplod. Only 10 minutes away with our boats, this sanctuary boasts of its rich marine biodiversity. It has big coral formations in the shallow area. The deep area is home to schools of small jacks, trevallies, sweetlips, & snappers. You can also see stingrays, triggerfish, & groupers. Sandy slope goes down to 21m.

Scuba Diving - Ginama Point

Ginama Point

Ginama means “man-made”. This huge artificial reef consists of numerous truck tires which have been there for more than a decade. Completely inhabited with corals & sponges, this site is an excellent hideout for frogfish, unique shrimps & colorful nudibranchs. A seagrass area is also nearby where you can spend some time in looking for other special things. Maximum depth is 20 meters.

Secret Corner

The Secret Corner is a dive site for the macro enthusiasts. The site consists of sand alone, and no corals. However, some of the most unique creatures have been spotted, such as mimic octopus, wunderpus, and blue-ringed octopus. Other creatures such as flamboyant cuttlefish, snake eels, and frogfish can also be seen there if you are lucky.

San Miguel

A small and very old artificial reef composed of truck tires. The tires are overgrown with soft & hard corals which provide a good hiding place for many creatures. It is an excellent site for a relaxing dive & looking for critters such as frogfish, pipefish and even harlequin shrimps. Maximum depth is around 20m.

Scuba Diving in Dauin - Nudibranch

Car Wreck

Another great dive site for macro lovers is the Car Wreck in Dauin. In this sandy area, you can find robust ghost pipefish, unique crabs, sea moths, moray eels, & other interesting creatures. Two Car Wrecks are located between 24-28 meters, surrounded by concrete pipes and steel boxes. Flashlights & Nitrox are recommended.

Scuba Diving Dauin - Porcupinefish


It is one of the larger sanctuaries on a sandy slope with big coral blocks all around, lots of soft coral formations, and big schools of fish like barracudas, sweetlips, and snappers. It is usually a drift dives with an underwater hot spring source at the end of the dive at 5 meters. Maximum depth is around 18m.

Dive Sites in Siaton

Diving in Siaton is one of the most underrated activity tourists do when visiting Negros Oriental. There are plenty of dive sites in Siaton you can enjoy, even as an Open Water Diver. Basically, everyone can dive in them! They are fun and easy.  With beautiful coral structures in all the sites, you will want more!

Scuba Diving in Siaton

Antulang North

The site of the Antulang North is located about 20 kilometers away from the resort. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get there from the resort, depending on the condition. This site has amazing corals with a slanting cliff like structure. A variety of nudibranch can be found in this dive site. Blue ribbon eels, flamboyant cuttlefish, moray eels, flatworms, and so much more.

Antulang South

Just a few meters lower of the Antulang North dive site is the Antulang South. This site has a wide variety of hard and soft corals. There are plenty of things to see here including different kinds of nudibranch, flatworms, egg cowrie, and frogfish. There can be a little current in this site, but don’t worry. Just blow up your SMB & our boat crew will pick you up safely.

Scuba Diving in Siaton

Siit Cliff

The dive site got its name because it is located near the Siit Cliff, one of the tourist attractions in Siaton. The cliff itself is made from sharp rocks. However, plenty of locals love to jump from it. Aside from the numerous kinds of nudibranch (such as the starry glossodoris and dotted nudibranch), the site also has banded pipefish, boxer shrimps, and even triggerfish!

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