When it comes to an adventure like no other, scuba diving is on the top list! Being underwater and sharing a unique bond with the aquatic life is one of the big reasons why plenty of tourists come to Wellbeach Dive Resort! The Philippines is a tropical country blessed with abundant marine life. However, it is only in Negros Oriental where scuba diving is the top tourist attraction. Our resort offers diving in many areas and dives sites with all levels. There are plenty of easy dives for beginners and advanced diving such as drift and deep dives for expert divers.

PADI Dive Courses

Learning to dive is made simple, easy and supper fun here at Wellbeach Dive Resort! We take pride in our scuba diving courses, customer service and training program. We offer courses and specialty courses that will suit the level you want to achieve.


Wellbeach Dive Resort offers the best diving rates in the area and aim to keep the diving rates as low as possible. Meanwhile, maintaining our high standards of safety and providing quality diving in Zamboanguita, Apo Island, Dauin, Siaton and many other dive sites! We can offer discounts on bulk accommodation and diving packages upon request. We make diving flexible yet convenient to every need of our guests. So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay and diving experience now!


The boats used for scuba diving are built and designed to the specific needs of divers. Our boats are sturdy to ensure safety when traveling the ocean within the southern part Negros Oriental. If you are planning to go diving in Dauin or diving in Siaton, our boat is made to durably take you there safely! Kuya Eduardo, our boat captain, is well experienced and trained when it comes to driving a boat. He started off as a tank boy and worked his way as a boat captain. Now, he is considered one of the best in the area. Aside from our boat captain, all our boat crew members are excellent when it comes to making your diving experience easy & convenient.


Our dive shop is equipped with the latest and standard gears such as BCDs, wetsuits, boots, fins, mask, and regulator. It is cleaned every day to ensure safety & cleanliness. All dive equipment & gears are maintained to make sure your diving experience is at its best!


That’s right! We have our very own compressor room. Inspection and refilling of our diving tanks are made as often as needed to ensure safety and quality of our equipment. The room is operated by our trained and knowledgeable staff.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • We dive Apo Island, Dauin, Siaton, Sumilon, Oslob and Zamboanguita.
  • We teach from Open Water up to Divemaster.
  • Max. 4 divers per guide
  • Yes! For an additional fee you can have your guide look after you or find special critters.
  • For most people, 3mm is the right choice.
  • No, we have DIN and International Tank valves adapter available.